Prep & FAQ's on photo shoots


These questions are the questions I get asked the most about my Boudoir, Maternity and Pinup shoots.


These questions are the questions I get asked the most about my Boudoir and Pinup shoots.

1. LOCATION-Where do you currently shoot at an where were all of your pictures taken? I shoot out of my studio in Huntington Beach,CA. Some of my Photographs were taken in my old studio, some were on location and some were shot in Las Vegas and San Diego and at clients homes. If you would like to shoot in your home there will be a travel fee depending on location.

2. COST-What does the cost of your packages cover? Set changes, hours of editing,ink, paper, cds/flashdrives, hair & makeup, shooting charge, modeling instruction,studio cost.

3. OUTFITS- Do you provide outfits? NO, I do not, on occasion I have a few back ups I use if the girls didn’t bring anything. I prefer my girls to all look different and feel like they stand out. Outfits are very expensive when buying for all shapes,sizes and styles and ages.

4. PROPS- Do you have props for the pinup shoots? I do have some, but I keep it minimal, you are more then welcome to bring some if you like. I like to focus more on my girls! I do have a bed and a few chairs and sofas at the studio.

5. LOCATION-Where are you located and do you shoot on location? I am located in Huntington Beach at 18373 Enterprise Lane.

6. PREPARING FOR SHOOT-What do I do before my appointment that day?

If you are getting a Hair & Makeup package.

HAIR - Please come with dry hair not wet hair. Please do not let it be more than 1 day dirty otherwise the oil build up might be too hard to style. If you want to bring clip in hair extensions, please make sure they are real hair and not synthetic. My hair girl will put them in for you. Please get your roots touched up if they are in bad condition because I do not edit your roots. Do not flat iron your hair if you are wanting it curled, it will not hold the curl well if you do. Just blow dry straight if you need to.

MAKEUP – Please come with a clean face, if you have a particular moisturizer you prefer, please feel free to apply it before coming. Yes I do provide lashes. You do not have to bring any makeup of your own, unless you prefer certain items to be worn. Do not stress over nail color, but please have them groomed.

OUTFITS- I do not provide outfits. You can bring up to 10 outfits/shoes/accessories with you but we will only shoot in the number of outfits that comes with your package, unless you pay for additional for extra outfits. If you add additional outfits outside of your package it is $40 for each outfit because you are basically paying for more shooting time. If this is a gift for your hunny think of outfits that he will like to see on you, but make sure it is something that will still make you feel confident. Always mix up your outfit types. Do not bring all bra and panty sets for instance. It looks better to have a variety if outfits if possible. If you are bringing stockings please try to buy the ones without silicone/rubber at the top, it will squeeze your leg and it isn't very flattering. If you are not wearing a garter belt go ahead an buy the ones that stay up on their own if you want to wear thigh highs. Please make sure that all tags and stickers are off of your clothing and shoes, unless you are returning them and need to leave them on.

PICTURES -Please print out, create a board on pinterest or save a few pictures on your cell phone that you like of mine that will help me gauge what direction to take your photos. Any kind of inspiration photos you find whether it is for hair/mu or poses are always helpful and you can bring them. I only really need to see no more then 10.

PROPS- I have furniture to shoot on and minimal small props, so if you would like to bring some for the photos you are more than welcome to. Especially if you are doing a maternity shoot.

Grooming - Please make sure to shave/wax any areas needed.

Clothing - Please do not wear anything that will leave lines on your skin before the photo shoot. You are welcome to wear a light robe to get ready in.

7. PAYMENT-What form of payment do you accept? I accept cash,Venmo, credit cards and Paypal. Credit card payment can be made through your paypal or over the phone,text or email.

8. DEPOSIT- Why do we have to pay for a deposit for our shoots and how much is it? I require a 50% NONREFUNDABLE deposit immediately when you book, because I am holding your date and time specifically for you and if you do not show up then it will cover the cost of losing a possible appointment. Also when you book my hair girls you are taking them out of their normal schedule at their salons as well. My deposit is 50% down and is payable through Venmo, Paypal or with credit card, it is required to be paid the same day you book or I will release your date back for someone else to book. You are allowed to reschedule only once for free after that it will be a $50 fee. If you reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment date you will be charged a $75 fee. Your deposit does go towards the shoot. You have 3 months to reschedule a new date or the deposit is lost. If you do not show up your deposit is lost. If you show up more then 45 minutes late your shoot will be cancelled and the deposit will be lost. If you are running late because of traffic please have the courtesy to call us, because we might have additional appointments after you. The balance is due the day of the shoot.

9. What if I have never modeled before? I instruct you the whole way through the shoot on how to pose. Most of my girls have never done this type of shoot before so we understand it can be nerve racking.

10. What is the difference between Glamour & Pin-up? Pin up photography is recreating photography from the 40’s and 50’s and glamour is more along the lines of boudoir and modern pinup such as maxim, playboy and beauty shots.

11. REFERENCES- Do you have references or feedback from previous clients? I have over 300 references that are online for you to review.

12. TANNING-If you plan on getting a spray tan or fake baking please do not over do it. I suggest doing it at least 5 days before hand so you do not look orange in the photos. Also I cannot edit overly strong tan lines, medium to low tan lines are ok. If you plan on bringing your own bronzer please make sure it will not transfer onto my furniture.

13. Can I bring a friend yes you can only 1 person can come with you to the photoshoot. You must let me know if you are bringing someone.

14. Can I print additional images from the CD or digital download you give me. Yes you can.

15. LIQUID COURAGE- You are welcome to drink, I know some of the girls get nervous and need a little liquid courage. =0) Pussycat Pinups and/or Beth Cocuzzi is not responsible for you drinking and driving. We try to make sure you have no more then two drinks so that you still look perfect in your images.

16. MUSIC - We always have music playing for you, typically we are playing Pandora.

17. COME AND HAVE FUN, the shoot is not meant to be a stressful shoot. I want you to come and relax and just be yourself it will show in the pictures if you are having fun and being you! Remember men don't analyze the pictures like we would. They look at them and love them!

18. How long do the sessions last? The average shoot lasts about 2-3 hours and that includes getting ready, it all depends on which package is purchased. That includes prep and shooting.

19. How many pictures do you take? The average shoot is 250-350 shots snapped.

20.EDITING- Do you retouch the photos? YES I do, there is a certain amount I will edit that is included in your package. If you want additional editing it will be an additional cost. I will make sure your skin looks flawless (meaning no scars, cellulite or stretch marks etc.), Lighting will be adjusted if needed and you can have b&w and color if you request it. For more explanation just ask and I will explain. If you do not pick photos to be edited within a 6 month period there will not be any editing to the photos. I am on time constraints with clients and cannot have people sitting on photos to be edited.

21. PRODUCT TURNOVER- How long does it take to get the finished product back? It usually takes up to 2 weeks from the day you choose your images, depending on season. unless you order a large amount of images to be edited it can take more time depending on my work load. The reason for 1.5-2 weeks, is I am editing the images by myself and it takes time when you are working on 20-30 girls a month with different amounts of images to be edited. You can pay an expedite fee of $100 to have them done within a week.